ALSO completed the Disability Mainstreaming in Policies and Programs of national and interntioanal civil society organization by financial and technical support of DFID and ACBAR. The objective of the project was to promote inclusion of persons with disabilities in the programs and policies of organizations through capacity building training and workshops in provinces of Kabul, Balkh, Badakhshan, Kunduz, Herat, Logar and Laghman. The project had to phases. The phase one was to provide training, the phase two was to assess and provide technical assistance for inclusion disability in their policies and programs. For instance, these organizations such as NRC, HALO TRUST, H4AH, ACBAR, WVI, ANCC, Save the Children, Oxfam, and DACCAR were some of the participants to the workshops in Kabul and provinces. The project started in May and finished in Dec 2016.  The last follow-up workshop was conducted on 25 Dec 2016 in Kabul at ACBAR office.

In addition to the follow-up workshops, ALSO representative had meetings with organizations individually and discussed the result of the training in their organizations. For instance, Mr. Hussain Ahamdi, representative of ALSO, had a meeting with Mr. Abdul Khalil, HR officer of DACAAR and some other organizations a few days before the follow-up workshops in Kabul and shared the findings with the participants of the follow-up workshop as lessons learned. It was reported that these organizations have taken   some measures for inclusion of persons with disabilities in their policies and programs. Some of the organizations have already employed persons with disabilities in their programs and some of them promised to give priorities to persons with disabilities inclusion in their policies and programs.

ALSO is committed to work with these organizations by providing technical support on inclusion of persons with disabilities in their policies and programs in the future.