ALSO had a coordination meeting with Mr. Sameem the Deputy Operation IEC Secretariat on Wednesday 9 Jan 2018. The objective of the meeting was a briefing from ALSO observation with financial support of IFES from 2018 parliamentary election on access of PWDs in the election process. As well as coordination for organizing a meeting to submit the final observation report of ALSO to IEC. In this point Mr. Sameem welcomed and appreciated to ALSO and IFES for observing the challenges and barriers of PWDs in the parliamentary election and provided this report. Mr. Sameem said: “it was our responsibility to observe and provide accessible election for PWDs to enjoy from their political rights on equal basis, but we could not do, so you have done a great job and it is highly appreciated by IEC.” Moreover he mentioned whenever you submit your report to IEC we are available to attend either in IEC or NDI office. The participants were: Ms. Amina the Gender an Advocacy officer, Mr. Ahmadi, Mr. Andyal from ALSO and Mr. Sameem from IEC.