The ACPD meeting hosted by ALSO on 8th of July 2020 with participation of (11 males and 2 females), the participants were Mr. Ali Mohabbati from Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), Mr. Ahmad Shah Azami from Community Center for Disabled (CCD), Hussain Ahmadi from ALSO, Ms. Amina Azimi from ALSO, Ms. Tahmina from CCD, Mr. Nasem Khan Aliyar from ALSO, Mr. Habibrahman Malekzada from AIHRC, Mr. Borhani from ABRRAR, Mr. Sajim Pardes from Serve Afghanistan, Mr. Sami from HI, Mr. Yasini from ACSFO, Mr. Nangyalain and Nazir Ahamd from ANAD.

Agenda points:

  1. Report from ACPD members about their activities during the lock-down;
  2. Role and support of committee in term of mine and conflict survivors;
  3. Update the ACPD action plan and indicate some priority for advocacy in coming months with consideration of COVID-19 crisis;
  4. Discuss on inclusion of persons with disabilities and survivors in peace talks;
  5. Brief on ALSO’ activities and facilitating of  ACPD members during year of 2020;
  6. General discussion;
  7. Conclusion and closing;

The meeting officially opened by Mr. Mohabbati the secretariat of the committee with welcoming and introduction of the participants. Then the ACPD members updated about their activities during three months quarantine which the main activities were awareness raising  on the rights and needs of persons with disabilities (PwDs) with focusing on safety of PwDs from COVID-19, virtually advocacy, working on guideline of disability terminology and introduction of PwDs for getting economic support from government and private sector during lock-down.  Despite of the challenges and restrictions which imposed by the government, but ACPD members were active and have some good activities.

The second agenda was inclusion of PwDs and survivors in peace process which, ACPD members had a meeting with Mr. Naderi the representative of government in peace talks. Based on this meeting ACPD is going to submit its suggestions on inclusion of PwDs and survivors to the State Ministry of Peace.

The third agenda was review of ACPD action plan for 2020, in this point Mr. Mohabbati said whatever action is priority at this time ACPD members can mention and we follow and continue our advocacy.

Following the discussion on the agenda points all the ACPD members agreed that the following measures should be taken in coming month:

  1. ACPD continue its advocacy normally with government entities based on the action plan and priority in disability area, so those members who can’t attend physically due to threat of COVID-19 could share their suggestion, comments and concerns via ACPD WhatsApp group, which this group already created by Mohabbati.
  2. The first draft of ACPD position paper for inclusion of person with disabilities and survivors in peace process already has shared with members, so all members should share their feedback and comments on the position paper by end of Wednesday 15 July, 2020, then we will conduct a meeting with State Ministry for Peace and the position paper will be submitted.
  3. ACPD should prepare a position paper on impact of COVID-19 on the rights of persons with disabilities and survivors, this position paper should share through a press release to attract the attention of authorities, CSOs, donor agencies on inclusion of persons with disabilities and their representatives’ organizations in COVID-19 response in Afghanistan.
  4. The fourth action is review of guideline of disability terminology; all the members have responsibility to take a look on for any comments and improvement. The draft will be shared with ACPD members by Mr.Mohabbati.