ALSO with support of ICBL-CMC and participation of survivors and persons with disabilities celebrated this occasion in Kabul on 6 of August 2020. In the event, 23 girls, women and men survivors and with disabilities participated. The objective of this event was to raise the voice of the victims and promote the universalization of the convention. There are many countries in that have not ratified the CCM yet.
At the event, Mr. Ahmadi, ALSO director opened the ceremony and provided information about the CCM and its importance for implementation. He emphasized that the Afghan government has to pay more attention to the implementation of the CCM and other conventions as a state parties internally and externally. During the several years of war and conflicts, the people of Afghanistan have been the main victims mine and cluster bombs. As well as ALSO call on neighbor courtiers of Afghanistan to join the CCM.
In addition, Mr. Ahmad Shah Azami, one of the mine victims, talked about the implementation of the CRPD, CCM and other conventions. He called on the government of Afghanistan, national and international organizations to help the survivors and persons with disabilities; persons with disabilities are situated in a worse time in the country. The support of government and international organizations help the survivors and persons with disabilities to have access to education, employment and healthcare. If the survivors and persons with disabilities do not receive supports, they will get poorer, face psychological problems and face many other challenges in the society.
As the process is underway, the government has to provide opportunity for persons with disabilities to be in the peace process. They have been the main victims and survivors of more than four decades of war. They are the ones who can really feel the value of peace in the country. Persons with disabilities do not like to see girls, boys, men and women to become disabled and victims anymore.
The last speaker was Mr. Samiulhaq Sami, Disability Inclusion Advisor, from Handicap International (HI). He emphasized that the survivors and persons with disabilities have ability and capacity to live independently and achieve their goals. In addition, he emphasized that persons with disabilities have to collaborate and stand firm to advocate for their rights. They have the capacity enough to play their role in all aspects in the community.
Follow up activities:
For further advocacy ALSO will organize a media round-table with participation of the survivors and persons with disabilities to discuss the CCM and the rights of survivors and persons with disabilities.