Report on involvement of persons with disabilities and war victims in the peace process of Afghanistan – April 2021

The political rights of persons with disabilities are enshrined by the Constitution of Afghanistan and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  As a State Party to the Convention, the Afghan government has the obligation to promote and protect the political rights of persons with disabilities accordingly. To promote and protect the political [...]

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Violence against Women with Disabilities in Afghanistan

According to MODEL DISABILITY SURVEY in Afghanistan (MDSA) in 2019 by the Asia Foundation, 13.9% of the Afghan population has severe disabilities. The prevalence of disability in Afghanistan is close to the global estimation of 15% of the world population to be living with some form of disability. Persons with disabilities – men, women, boys [...]

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Landmine Monitor 2020

Landmine Monitor 2020, continues to document progress toward a mine-free world, but also highlights challenges such as non-state armed groups (NSAGs) using antipersonnel mines, particularly of an improvised nature. The use of improvised mines has again resulted in a high number of casualties in 2019, with the majority of victims being civilians. The outbreak of [...]

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10th Anniversary of the Entry into Force of the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM)

ALSO with support of ICBL-CMC and participation of survivors and persons with disabilities celebrated this occasion in Kabul on 6 of August 2020. In the event, 23 girls, women and men survivors and with disabilities participated. The objective of this event was to raise the voice of the victims and promote the universalization of the [...]

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Social Inclusion Working Group

Social Inclusion Working Group -Meeting in developing National Disability Strategy (NDS) organized on Monday 20 July 2020 at DMAC office. This group chaired by MMD with participation of HI, ALSO, AOAD, AIHRC, DAOand FWF. ALSO as a member of this group has active role in development of NDS in the area of political participation, education [...]

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Read more about our global campaign

Read more about our global campaign the @minefreeworld, Summer’s newsletter which also includes a message from @ALSO_AFG Director’s, @Hussain45532763 on impacts of #COVID-19 on persons with disabilities and survivors of landmines, cluster bombs, UXOs...

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The ACPD meeting hosted by ALSO on 8th of July 2020

The ACPD meeting hosted by ALSO on 8th of July 2020 with participation of (11 males and 2 females), the participants were Mr. Ali Mohabbati from Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), Mr. Ahmad Shah Azami from Community Center for Disabled (CCD), Hussain Ahmadi from ALSO, Ms. Amina Azimi from ALSO, Ms. Tahmina from CCD, Mr. [...]

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Presidential Election Access Observation Report

Afghan Landmine Survivors Organization (ALSO) observed the Parliamentary Election in 2018 and the Presidential Election in 2019. The objective of the observation was to assess the participation, barriers and opportunities for persons with disability inclusion in the election process. Afghanistan_Presidential Election Report

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Press Conference on sharing the observation report on access, challenges and participation of persons with disabilities in 2019 Presidential Election

Persons with disability is the biggest group in the world. WHO report indicates that 15 % of the world’s population has a disability. Between 110 (2.2%) and 190 million (3.8%) persons with disabilities at age 15 or older have “significant difficulties in functioning. 80 % of them live in low income countries”. In Afghanistan, NDSA [...]

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Fourth Review Conference of the Mine Ban Treaty in Oslo

The Executive Director of ALSO Mr. Hussain Ahmadi attended the Fourth Review Conference of the Mine Ban Treaty in Oslo. The Conference adopted the new Oslo Action Plan, which will guide the work of the 164 States that have joined this Nobel treaty in the next five years. ALSO is happy to see victim assistance [...]

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